Embrace The U-Brand!

I am a brand. You are a brand. Whether you know it or not…believe it or not, YOU ARE A BRAND!

Regardless of your age, position, or the business you are in, we all need to understand the importance of branding. You are the CEO of YOU-Incorporated. Knowing this will help you begin to step into the most important job in your company (You-Incorporated)…head marketer for the brand called YOU.

I myself have struggled, and sometimes still do, with really walking in this truth. But its a necessary key to your success. Many times we can find ourselves dependent on friends, family, neighbors, children, parents etc. to tell the world of the awesome idea, business, or dream we have. Maybe there was a time when this logic made sense, but not today. If you aren’t talking about what you do, how can you expect anyone else to? If you don’t believe in what you are doing, why is it odd when no one else does? It is time for you and I to fully embrace the U-Brand. Regardless of what you didn’t do yesterday…or your failed attempts last year, you have an amazing gift called “TODAY”. So let’s unwrap our “present” and take our first steps toward success!

[mk_blockquote style=”line-style” font_family=”none” align=”left” width=”1/1″ el_position=”first last”]Starting today, get this into your thinking…”I am a brand!” I hope I’ve said it enough for you to grasp it.

But that’s just it…YOU ARE A BRAND![/mk_blockquote]

I want you to think about this. What makes you different? What makes you unique? What is it about you that God took the extra time to express in so much detail? It’s easy to think, “well I’m not Apple…I’m not Nike…I’m not Chick-fil-A…I’m not this or that other well known brand.” And you’re right…you’re not! But what you are, is something this world has never experienced. You must begin to see yourself as the amazing gift that God created you to be. Start identifying the qualities or characteristics that make you, you. Become your biggest cheerleader or your favorite brand manager. Ask yourself: What is it that my product or service does that makes it so different? What is it about what I do, that is so different from anyone else? Take a second and really think about it. Write it down somewhere.

Identify the qualities or characteristics that make you stand out. What would your client(s) say is your greatest strength? What is your most noteworthy personal trait? What do you do that adds remarkable value? What do you do that you are most proud of? What have you accomplished that you can brag about? If you are going to embrace the U-Brand, you’ve got to focus on what you do that adds value. After you’ve answered these questions…ask yourself one more question…What do you want to be known for? This is the kicker. What do you want to be known for. Think about Chick-fil-A, what are they known for? Is it their golden waffle fries? No. Or maybe their chicken sandwich? Nope, but you’re getting close. What about their polynesian sauce? No, that’s not it…it’s Customer Service! Chick-fil-A is famous for their customer service! What do you want to be famous for?

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